The National Longhouse Community Service Project

Community Service Patch
The National Longhouse Community Service Project is an opportunity for all membership (Longhouses and/or Tribes) to participate in community service works and earn national recognition for their efforts.

Downloadable from this page are the materials regarding the project:

Community Service Year Bar FeathersThe brochure explains the details and guidelines of the project. It is formatted in two sizes to allow a choice of dimensions should your Longhouse desire to print copies of the brochure for distribution. The brochure is provided in two file formats: The Microsoft Publisher format is used for printing the brochure; The PDF format is mainly for viewing. The data reporting form is used to submit the project details back to National Longhouse. Submission instructions are detailed on the form.

Whether your Longhouse is already active in community service works or this would be your first project, all are eligible and encouraged to submit your reports for recognition. Community Service Project Awards are distributed year-round with no specific deadline to submit forms.

You are strongly encouraged to use the online form. If necessary, you can also print and mail the old reporting form.

If there are additional questions after reviewing the materials, please submit your questions to


The Community Service Project Committee
National Longhouse, Ltd.
Native Sons & Daughters Programs