Our Motto

Pals Forever-Friends Always®

The motto of “Pals Forever-Friends Always®” carries with it a deep and special meaning. The motto captures the spirit of the special bond that parent and child will develop through their participation in Native Sons and Daughters Programs®.

Special program activities are unique in ways that cannot be experienced anywhere else. Parent and child participate in them together, molding and shaping their relationship, learning about each other, learning from each other, building mutual respect, friendship and trust in one another. By traveling the special paths of Native Sons & Daughters program together, parent and child share memories and form relationships that will make them “Pals Forever-Friends Always®.”

Historical Note

As a reminder of the origin of this motto, we recall the history of our program co-founder, Joe Friday, Ojibway Indian, as stated by his niece June Friday MacInnis. She told us of Joe’s father passing when he was only ten and his family were then taken in by Chief White Bear and his family. They became Pals Forever-Friends Always as White Bear taught Joe to hunt, trap, and the ways of the woods and waterways.