What Your National Registration Fee Provides

National Longhouse Ltd is an independent not for profit organization (company). This organization was founded in 2002 and is operated by a dedicated volunteer board whose wish is to preserve for the future, the programs that they have treasured for much of their lifetimes. These volunteers are not compensated in any way.

This was written with you, the member, in mind to help further your understanding of how the national portion of your annual program registration fee is used and what it provides.

General Liability Insurance

For each member, this policy covers all members at any program meetings or events. For more details, see the (NLL Document) Insurance Coverage Bulletin.

Registration Services

Your annual registration is administered through a contracted professional service. The per-member fee for this service is lower than if NLL were to hire a staff person for the hours required to perform the data entry. Why do this? Records! Your registration must be carefully documented on an annual basis for positive proof, especially in case of insurance related incidents.

D&O Insurance

This insurance coverage is specifically for the officers of the Regional Lodges and Local Longhouses. These policy premiums are underwritten by NLL. For more details, see the (NLL Document) Insurance Coverage Bulletin.

Background Checks (fees)

Beginning in the 2014-15 program year, background checks are performed on all primary adult membership, once during their time in the program. This automated process occurs generally at the time of initial registration. This policy is requirement of our insurance and is a proactive approach to help insure the safety of all members and to protect the integrity of National Longhouse programs. This policy also helps to control cost of liability insurance.

Legal Services

Costs associated with the following necessities of operating a national program:

National Longhouse Trademarked Names and Emblems

The legal costs associated with creating and maintaining the names and emblems of the organization and its programs.

Accounting (CPA)

NLL must retain a CPA to prepare annual reports to the IRS and to officiate its books. The CPA is also responsible for filling/maintaining our not-for profit status with the IRS.

Legal Representation

NLL retains the services of an attorney who is familiar with the unique nature of NSD Programs and non-profit organizations in general for any legal matters that need attention.

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National Longhouse Charitable Activities

At selected times, small portion of each annual fee is given back to those less fortunate through charities that are selected by NLL.

Program Materials

New (first time) members are provided the New Member Packet without additional charge. This packet is geared with the proper amount of supplies for a parent/child pair and includes the Tribe Members Handbook, NSD Program Patches (with patch feather drops), NSD Program Headbands along with other items.

The patch and headband are the official insignia and headgear of the NSD Programs. The handbook is your basic mini-manual to guide you through the many facets of the program.

Promotional Materials

National Longhouse is constantly developing and redeveloping promotional materials and provides these to Longhouses through special release announcements. Each program has its own specific terms and timelines. These programs have included National promotional flyers, Longhouse banner programs, etc. Longhouse leadership are encourage to ask about the current promotional programs.

Program Development

A significant portion of your national registration fee is invested right back into the program for purposes such as promotional programs and support materials that are provided to your Local Longhouse either without additional cost or partially underwritten. Other re-investment of membership fees includes support for national and regional support network meetings. The organization must invest in its future.

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Though not components of the national registration fee, the following are the result of your belonging to Native Sons and Daughters Programs

Pride in Belonging to a National Program

Your Local Longhouse is a satellite branch of a national organization. Native Sons and Daughters Programs are active in several states. This developing organization provides a carefully planned and established structure for the operation of the programs.

NLL Support Materials

National and Regional support materials are developed within the organization and are available to Local Longhouses, Tribes and Members.

Vendor Support Materials

Several national companies have developed support materials that are custom to the Native Sons and Daughters Programs.

Native American Theme

Use of the Native American Theme is treated with the utmost respect. NLL materials have been reviewed to be considered appropriate and respectful for use in the programs. National Longhouse is blessed to have the support of the founding families for its NS&D Programs.