Regional Advisory Lodge

Local programs within a specific geographical “region” of the country are supported by a mid-level administration known as the Regional Advisory Lodge. Each Regional Advisory Lodge (RAL) provides mid-level program training, education, and supplementary program materials to the local longhouses it represents. Each lodge may also provide special events such as regional campouts or conventions. General program members have non-voting membership to their respective RALs.

Administration of the Regional Advisory Lodge

Each lodge is governed by its Regional Officers and Regional Advisory Lodge Representatives. These lodge administrators establish lodge bylaws, set regional goals, and may develop supplementary regional program materials.

Regional Officers

The highest administrators within each RAL are the Regional Officers. They serve as the lodge’s executive leaders and are elected by, and from within the Regional Advisory Lodge. There are five key Regional Officers:


Spokesperson for the lodge; Responsible for overseeing regional operations and communications for the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® programs; Presides over all lodge meetings.


Assistant and aide to the Regional Chief; Assumes the role of the Regional Chief in his or her absence.


Treasurer for the lodge; Responsible for all financial transactions and accounting.


Recorder, archivist, and general secretary for the lodge; Responsible for the recording of all minutes for lodge meetings; Notifies and documents all administrative votes; Archiving all important administrative documents.


Previous National Chief. Assists in the smooth transition of the incoming and exiting administrations. Votes as a tie breaker.

Lodges may elect to have additional officers such as a Historian, Property Keeper, Sandpainter, Web Spinner, etc. However, only the five key Regional Officers are eligible to serve, ex officio, on the National Council of Officers.


Each local longhouse designates two voting representatives to serve on their RAL. These representatives are the local program’s voice to the region and upper level administrators. Although preferred but not necessary, participating at the regional level as a representative provides experience and knowledge to serve on administrative positions at the national level. Those interested in serving as a representative should make inquires to their local program leaders.