The Parents Meeting

It is a good idea and healthy for the spirit of the tribe to have an occasional “PARENTS-ONLY” meeting to discuss tribe business and details for upcoming events.

The parents meeting allows for the opportunity to effectively plan in detail and make assignments. Valuable time can be wasted if all tribe business is conducted at regular tribal meetings. Business cannot be conducted effectively when distractions occur from children who are bored with the discussions. The parents meeting also allows the adults additional time to strengthen friendships and achieve a greater level of comfort in belonging to the program.

Suggestions and Recommendations

  • Conduct monthly parent meetings or at least on some type of regular basis.
  • The Chief should prepare and distribute an agenda in advance to allow the parents time to reflect and prepare notes.
  • If necessary, invite a council officer, elder, or other experienced person to help with planning or problem solving.
  • This could be an opportunity to invite a possible recruit (parent) to learn about the program.
  • If a separate night is difficult, take the children home, then reconvene for the parents meeting.