Tips for a Successful Meeting

  1. Start the meeting ON TIME. Do not delay the start for one or two members. This will encourage latecomers to be on time.
  2. Set a calendar for tribe meetings, usually the same day each time (e.g. first Monday of each month). Schedule and assign host families at least six months in advance.
  3. The meeting should typically run one to two hours, unless this is a special tribal outing. Adjust your time frame to suit the needs of your tribe.
  4. To control excessive or out-of-turn talking, especially during meeting rituals, many tribes use a “Talking Stick,” or a “Talking Feather.” The only person allowed to talk while the stick is in use, is the one holding it. Passing it around gives everyone a chance to talk uninterrupted.
  5. Gear the meeting towards the interests and attention levels of the children. Make sure the children feel that they are an important part. Give praise to all when possible.
  6. Balance the ritual with the fun and lighthearted parts of the meeting. Be careful though, not to let the crafts and games totally overrun the content of the meeting.
  7. Keep business discussions to a minimum, preferably before or after the meeting, if at all.