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Native Sons & Daughters Members Handbook

Native Sons & Daughters Handbook CoverWe thought it would be a good idea to mass distribute the Native Sons & Daughters Handbook in a read-only form so that if you needed to print any of the individual pages for any purpose, you could do that. One of our Longhouses had requested this a while back.

This version has been formated to print on standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper. On the PDF print menu page, in the Paper Sizing & Handling section, simply chose “FIT” to page size.

National Drum Beats Submissions

Happy New Year from National Longhouse!!!

We would like to kick off the new year and announce that the new NSD National Longhouse Drum Beats Newsletter (first edition released last October) is looking for your help to provide material to the newsletter that will be shared with all NSD membership nationwide. If your Longhouse or Tribe was involved in an event that you would like to share with everybody, please send us a report on the event and include pictures if you have them.

Each newsletter will hopefully have a few of these event items in it. This is great way to get your Longhouse recognized by all the nationwide membership. Send your reports & pictures to We look forward to hearing from you!

Native Sons and Daughters Medallions


Just a reminder! The Native Sons and Daughters Programs has customized, commemorative medallions available to all members. These medallions are produced exclusively for the Native Sons & Daughters Program as they can be personalized with a tribe, nation, or longhouse name on one side, and an Indian nickname on the other. These special keepsakes can be given as a gift from a parent to a child, or an award from a Longhouse to its special officer, just to mention a few posssibilities. Download the brochure and order form or visit our vendor’s website directly.

Parade Planning E-Book

Greetings from National Longhouse Support Materials!
Victory Corps, a parade-float-supply company, has a well written parade float planning guidebook (“Everyone Loves a Parade“) that may be of interest to those longhouses and tribes that participate in parades. This free booklet is from a professional approach but may spark ideas, or assist you if you are considering to build a float.

Although it may seem an odd time of year, it is never too early to start planning for the next parade event. What an awesome way to promote your program to the community!

Who knows? . . . Follow this guidebook and you may end up in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Tournament of Roses Parade (for you California longhouses).

Have Fun!

National Drum Beats Returns!

Greetings to all!! Tonkahay, Numway, Yahetay, Yatehay, Big How!!!

The very first edition of the new NSD National Drum Beats Newsletter is now available. It is a starting point for what should become regular, at least twice annually and hopefully becoming a quarterly issue. In the future, we will have a way to submit articles and information into the newsletter. We would love to publish articles about some of those very special events that we know many Longhouses have and share them within all of Native Sons & Daughters Programs.

Enjoy !!!!

The Staff of National Longhouse Drum Beats.

Greetings To Our Newest Members!

We would like to welcome our newest members to the Native Sons and Daughters Programs®: The mighty Orange Spirit Nation who have formed their own longhouse in Irvine, California and the mighty Riverside Nation in Riverside, California who will be merging with the Broken Lance Longhouse also located in Irvine, California. The Riverside Nation has more than 30 families participating, while the Orange Spirit Nation has more than 150 families.

You can learn more about the Orange Spirit Nation by visiting their website at Follow the Riverside Nation on Facebook.

Welcome Naranja Nation!

Wecome to the Naranja Native Nation OC Inc.! Our newest Orange County NATIVE DADS AND DAUGHTERS® Program, located in Irvine California. The mighty Naranja Nation has 11 tribes with about 200 families. You can learn more about the Naranja Nation by visiting their website at

Community Service Project Deadline Extended

Attention all members! If there are any active service projects going on in your Longhouses, reporting must be turned in by 3/15 latest. This is an extension of the posted deadline due to the late first release this year. We realize that likely only active projects or projects already completed this program year will be able to report. We look forward to a lot of participation in the next program year.