Eagle Feather Award Programs

Eagle Feather Awards are feather patches earned individually or by parent and child together. Some awards also depend on tribe and longhouse activities.

There are many versions of the Eagle Feather Award Program, with different patches available. Below are the criteria for “The Great Eagle Feather Award Program” as presented by The Patch Store.

Feather How to earn
White with Red Tip Awarded when brave can recite a tribal ritual (e.g. opening and closing prayer, pledge, aims).
White with Blue Tip Awarded for bringing a new brave into the program.
Blue and Black Stripe Awarded when all other brave names are known and can be recited.
Green with White Tip Awarded when a major piece of tribal property has been completed (e.g. tom-tom, property chest). All tribe braves must participate.
Yellow with Red Tip Awarded to each brave for the display of tribal handicraft at a public or longhouse/tribe function.
White and Brown Stripe Awarded when brave has attended three longhouse/tribe functions (e.g. campout, bowling, hiking).
Red with Black Tip For perfect attendance at regular scheduled meetings during one year.
Green with Black Tip For completing a parent/child Indian handicraft which is not a meeting project. It may be personal or for tribal use.
Yellow with Black Tip Awarded when parent/child have visited another tribe and report back to their tribe on the event.
White with Brown Tip Awarded when a parent/child have completed a nature project together and display and explain it at a tribal meeting.
Yellow and Black Stripe Awarded to brave for having completed one term as an officer for the tribe. This can be parent/child project or brave alone.
Red and Black Stripe Earned by participation of parent/child in a community function. (e.g. parade, community clean-up).
White and Red Stripe Awarded when parent/child have visited a local community point of interest and reported back to tribe (e.g. fire house, police station, library).
White and Blue Stripe Earned by describing a hobby or pet care to the tribe.
White and Black Stripe Awarded for the presentation of a report about the history of the tribe, tribe chief or some famous event.
Green and Black Stripe This is an open feather. Each tribe should determine what duty must be completed to earn this feather.
Eagle Feather White feather with the black tip… is awarded when all other feathers have been earned