Our Stories

NATIVE SONS AND DAUGHTERS® are meeting regularly across the country to take on new challenges, seek adventure, serve their communities, and have loads of fun. Here we spotlight our programs that report on their activities.

Timucuan Canoe Relay Victory
April 2018

North Florida members end their 2017-2018 program year with a most memorable camping weekend.
Great Sun in the Harvest Moon
January 2017

Great Sun Nation kicks off their 2016-2017 program year with community involvement and family fun.
Timucuan Carves Out Good Times
November 2016

Timucuan Longhouse celebrating the season with their annual Costume Bowling event.
Orange Spirit Nation kicks off a new program year
September 2016

Orange Spirit Nation successfully kicked off their 2016-2017 program year.
Orange Spirit Nation visit Catalina Island
August 2016

Orange Spirit Nation travels to Catalina Island every year for an epic weekend adventure.
2015 Timucuan Overnight Canoe Trip
August 2015

Native Sons and Daughters of Jacksonville (Timucuan Longhouse) gathered members to enjoy their annual overnight canoe trip on the mighty Suwannee River.
2015 Orange Spirit Back to School Roller Skating Party
August 2015

Orange Spirit Nation started a new tradition with a back to school roller skating party.
2013 Timucuan Suns Game and Outfield Campout
April 2013

Native Sons and Daughters of Jacksonville (Timucuan Longhouse) met at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville to take in a Jacksonville Suns baseball game and camp in the outfield.