Overnight Canoe Trip

The Native Sons and Daughters of Jacksonville (Timucuan Longhouse) gathered members to enjoy their annual overnight canoe trip on the mighty Suwannee River. Here’s a report from Steve “Red Bear” Sharpe:

This year we had 15 Native Sons and Daughters along with 9 fathers from several different tribes put in at the Suwannee River Canoe Outpost. We leisurely paddled and drifted about 7.5 miles to the Holton Creek River Camp. It was a warm August day in Northwest Florida, so there were plenty of stops along the way to swim and play in the cool water. Rope swinging, sand castle building, paddle boarding, jumping in a cold spring and water tag were some of the playful activities that took place.

Once we made camp in the screened enclosures at Holton, we all grilled out and relaxed after a long day. After an early evening rain shower cooled things off, there was some swimming, dancing and camaraderie before lights out. The Sunday paddle down to the take out point was almost 5.5 miles on some of most scenic, beautiful part of the Suwannee River. Both of my daughters slept the entire 2-hour drive home.

Paddling the Suwannee
Having fun with friends
Making memories
The laziest lazy river
Hanging out by the river
Hanging out by the river