Organizational Structure

There are eight structural levels within the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® Programs:

National Longhouse, Ltd. (parent company for the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® programs).

Local programs within each specific region of the country have an advisory board called a “Regional Advisory Board.”

The “Local Longhouse, Inc.” is the corporation in your area which offers a NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® program and is a subsidiary/affiliate of National Longhouse, Ltd.


The gendered version of the NATIONAL LONGHOUSE® program being offered by a Local Longhouse (dads & sons, dads & daughters, etc.)

A large number of tribes within the same program version are assigned to more manageable mid-size groupings called “Nations”.

New members are assigned to a neighborhood troop of parents and children called a “Tribe” or “Group”).


The parent & child are the basic membership unit.

Program Structure Diagram

The following diagram visualizes the different levels of the organization hierarchy.

Org Structure Diagram