Why Join a National Program?

Individuals who are currently in an Indian-theme program often question the benefit in joining a national program. True, they may be able to start their own independent program without having to pay for any national affiliation, which at first glance, may appear to meet their present needs. But how will that program satisfy their long-term needs?

Benefits of a National Program

  • Establishes programs elsewhere !
  • Gives your grandchildren a chance to participate !
  • Creates standardization from one location to another !
  • Builds national name recognition !
  • Programs form a communication network to:
    • Share ideas, resources, and equipment !
    • Solve problems !
    • Refer new members !

A Simple Test

Do you want your children to experience the same program with their kids, as you have with yours?

If your answer is “YES”, continue…

Are you living in the same neighborhood now, as when you were a child, and can you guarantee that your children will be living in the same neighborhood when they become adults?

If your answer is “NO”, continue…

Where then, will your grandchildren participate if you only build an independent, local program?