Sample Tribe Meeting Agenda

“Parents only” business should be discussed before the start, at the conclusion of a meeting, or at a separate meeting, if necessary.

Opening Ceremony

HOST PARENT Everyone please form a circle (standing).
Welcome to the tepee (home) of (Host family’s Indian names).
HOST PARENT Drumbeater, (host child) 1 beat of the drum for each person here please.
CHIEF (Recites an invocation to the Great Spirit such as the following example).
(All raise their hands toward the Great Spirit)

Great Spirit, as we gather at this tribal council, we thank you for this gift of sharing between fathers/mothers and sons/daughters. We thank you for these friends, and ask of your wisdom and guidance.

CHIEF Let us recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
ALL I pledge allegiance to the flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.
CHIEF What are the Ojibway Six Aims of the Native Sons and Daughters Programs™?
ALL (Chief or Host parent can lead)

  • To be clean in body and pure in heart.
  • To always be friends with my father/mother, son/daughter.
  • To love the sacred circle of the family.
  • To be attentive while others speak.
  • To love my neighbor as myself.
  • To seek and preserve the beauty of the Great Spirit’s work in forest, field and stream.
CHIEF What is the Motto of the Native Sons and Daughters Programs™?
CHIEF Wampum Bearer, please call the roll, and collect the dues.
WAMPUM BEARER [Wampum Bearer calls each person present by his or her Indian name. Each parent tells of something good (a good deed or service, etc.) they did since the last meeting. Each child tells of something good they did, or how they earned their wampum. (Wampum container is passed around.)]
Chief, the wampum has been collected and was well earned.

Meeting Activities

CHIEF We will now have the Scouting Reports from the sons/daughters. The subject of the report is…

(The host children start, first reciting their Indian name, then gives their report)
(All reports have been completed)

Dads/Moms let us applaud the fine reports these young sons/daughters have given. (APPLAUSE)
I now turn the meeting over to (Indian names), our host family.

(The host parent will now direct the activities for the remainder of the meeting. As previously explained, these activities will normally include a craft that everyone participates in, a story with a meaning, a game with parent participation, and a snack. Make sure activities can be completed within the meeting time frame. The length of time for the craft or game should be determined by the current meeting’s timetable. It is suggested to do the craft first, then if the craft runs into overtime, the game can be shortened or eliminated altogether. Snacks are generally served after all activities have been completed. Serving soft drinks during other meeting activities causes too much distraction.)


CHIEF Is there a report from the longhouse?

The longhouse representative (or chief) will now give updates and highlights of coming program activities and items of interest to the children (i.e: campout, canoe trip).

Save business talk for Parents Only

Closing Ceremony

CHIEF Let us stand and form the Tribal Circle of Unity to close our meeting. Let us join hands as a symbol of our unity and our bond as parent and child together.

(A closing ritual with an Indian or nondenominational prayer, or having everyone tell of something special that they are thankful for is appropriate. If each person speaks again, have them recite their Indian name. This ritual is chosen and molded by each tribe. Once a ritual is selected that all are comfortable with, it should remain this way. The host parent or Chief can start or recite the ritual.)

HOST PARENT I give thanks to all those who have attended our meeting. Travel safe on your journey home.
Meeting is Ended

If the tribe has a program manual in its property box, it should be given to the parent that will host the next meeting for reference purposes.

An Indian Closing Prayer

The use of an Indian prayer or devotion can be a special part of the tribe meeting or gathering. The following is only one such prayer that can be learned individually, or as a group. This nondenominational prayer is a great way to close a tribe meeting. It is hoped that prayers or devotions become a tradition in your local program for many years to come. Although they are intended to be silent, one person may lead a group prayer by speaking the words.

Prayer for the Great Trail

Great Sprit, who’s loving hand cares for all things,
from the highest of majestic mountains,
to the smallest of flowing streams,
look with favor on these humble ones that stand before you.
Grant that we may see the sunset of another day.
We ask of Grandfather Sky,
the wisdom to live in peace with all peoples,
and we ask of Grandmother Earth,
the wisdom to live in harmony with all things in nature.
For all these things we are truly thankful,
as you guide us along the great trail of life.