National Officer Elections


The 2018 Elections for the National Council of Officers are to be held during the upcoming National Longhouse Annual Meeting, June 8-10, 2018 in Helen, Georgia. Actual date of election is Saturday, June 9, 2018. This announcement declares the opening of the Officer Nominations Period. The following National Council of Officers positions (along with brief descriptions) comprise this election:

National Chief
The Chief shall preside at all meetings of the NCO. The Chief shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the National Council of Officers (NCO) and shall have general supervision over its property, day-to-day business and affairs, and perform all the duties usually incident to such office, subject to the directions of the NCO. The chief also serves as an active voting member of the National Board of Elders (NBE).

National Assistant Chief
The Assistant Chief shall have such duties as may be prescribed by the NCO or as may be delegated by the Chief. In case of the absence or disability of the Chief or, when circumstances prevents the Chief from acting, the Assistant Chief, in order designated by the National Council of Officers, shall perform the duties of the Chief, with like powers of the Chief.

National Tally Keeper
The Tally Keeper shall attend and keep the minutes of all meetings of the NCO. A draft of meeting minutes shall be submitted for review to the Officers within thirty (30) days of the conclusion of any meeting. The Tally Keeper shall keep such books as may be required by the NCO, shall certify the records as necessary, and shall give all notices of meetings of the NCO.

National Wampum Bearer
The Wampum Bearer shall have the custody of the appropriated corporate funds and securities. The Wampum Bearer shall prepare a budget and shall provide for full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to the National Longhouse, Ltd., He shall make all deposits in the name and to the credit of the National Longhouse, Ltd. in such depositories as may be designated by the NCO. All budgets, accounts and records shall be made available for inspection and approval at each meeting of the NCO, or upon a request by any Officer and to the Elders at the Annual NBE Meeting or as requested by the NBE. He shall attend the NLL Annual meeting.

Native American Council Chairman
The Chairman of the Native American Council (NAC) shall have Native American heritage and shall report to the National Council of Officers. At each annual meeting, or as requested by the NCO or NBE, the Chairman shall present a report on the status and recommendations of the NAC. The Chairman shall appoint a committee of members.

If you feel called to serve as a National Council Officer, you will need to complete a National Officer Candidate Form found in the links below. Candidates self-nominate. Candidates are required to appear at the election. Candidates may be asked to speak of their background and experience. Please call for more information.

Eligibility: Any person who is a “member” in good standing per the terms of the NLL Operating Agreement is eligible to be nominated for election to the NCO.

Attendance In-Person: Candidates are required to attend the annual meeting in person. Candidates not attending the annual meeting as a RAL Delegate, current NBE or NCO Officer, or other invited guest are required to pay their own fees to attend the meeting. These candidates must request to be invited and should seek RAL or Local Longhouse sponsorship of their travel & lodging fees if possible.

Please complete the form and submit it to the National Election Guardian. It is recommended to scan and email the form to insure the quickest receipt of the form. If mailing form by USPS, please mail forms a minimum 7 days in advance of the Friday of the annual meeting weekend to insure receipt by the Election Guardian. Please call with any questions or concerns.


DAVE GARBERSON, National Election Guardian
527 Cape Coral Parkway West, #7
Cape Coral, FL 33914
(614) 563-9863

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