Rituals and Ceremonies

This collection of rituals and ceremonies has long been a goal of National Longhouse. To be able to share these works with the Longhouses will not only help to keep alive the Native American theme of the Native Sons & Daughters Programs, but make the experience of being a part of your Longhouse that much more memorable to each and every member. It is important to emphasize that all ceremonies be conducted with honor and respect.

The works in this collection come from numerous sources, many dating back to the early days of the original program. We honor the works of elder leadership that worked over the years to keep alive, these beautiful Rituals & Ceremonies. This collection is never “complete”. Additional material will be added as they come along and National Longhouse welcomes you to contribute your Rituals and Ceremonies.

Many of the ceremonies included here have been tested by the Longhouse that contributed them. No ceremony, regardless of how well it looks on paper, will be effective unless those involved have rehearsed it and know it thoroughly. It is also important to visualize the setup on the specific site in advance to plan for the unique circumstances of the site.

Download the NSD Rituals & Ceremonies Book (1st Edition, August 2018)

The following documents are provided for local longhouses to print, edit, or customize. They arranged in the same order that is found in the book.

I – Induction Ceremonies

Inductions are primarily done in the early moons of the program year but can be conducted anytime they are necessary to welcome new members or induct new officers. It is important that new members long remember that first Longhouse council fire they attended. It is also important for all members to annually reaffirm the pledge, the slogan and the Six Aims of the program.

  • The White Feather Induction-Longhouse-New & Returning Members
  • The Corn & Eagle Feather Induction-Longhouse-New Members
  • The 4 Winds Induction-Longhouse-New Members
  • The Acorn Induction-Longhouse-New Members
  • NSD Packet Induction-Longhouse-New Members
  • The Red Feather Induction-Longhouse-New Members
  • New Tribes Induction into Longhouse & The Six Aims Feathers
  • Pathfinders Induction-Tribe & Longhouse
  • New Tribal Members Induction-The Great Spirit Speaks
  • New Tribal Members Induction-Short Form
  • Longhouse Officers Induction-Short Form
  • Longhouse Officers Induction-Long Form
  • Longhouse Officers & Tribe Chiefs Induction
  • Longhouse Chiefs Induction
  • Longhouse Chief Induction with Nature Symbolism
  • II – End-of-Year & Graduation Ceremonies

    End of Year and Graduation ceremonies are primarily done in the ending moons of the program year. These ceremonies are generally to honor the past year and the time that members have spent in the program and especially those that are concluding their time in the program. It is also important for all members to once again reaffirm the pledge, the slogan and the Six Aims of the program.

  • The Feather of Years End-of-Year Ceremony
  • The Broken Arrow Graduation Ceremony
  • The Removal of the Headband
  • III – Ceremonial Openings & Closings

    This collection of openings and closings are for use in any ceremony, typically around a Longhouse Council Fire, but can easily be tailored for any other Longhouse gathering.

  • Council Fire Opening 1-The Four Winds
  • Council Fire Opening 2-The Four Winds
  • Council Fire Opening 3-The Four Winds
  • Council Fire Opening 4-The Sun Father
  • Council Fire Opening 5-The Peace Pipe
  • Council Fire Opening 6-NSD Rituals
  • Council Fire Opening 7-Candle Lighting
  • Council Fire Opening 8-The Spirit of Gray Wolf
  • Council Fire Opening 9-The Black Sand
  • Council Fire Openings 10-Pieces & Parts
  • Council Fire Closings
  • IV – General & Special Purpose Ceremonies

    This collection of General and Special Purpose ceremonies can be used within a larger ceremony or in many cases as a standalone ceremony for use at any chosen time.

  • Alternate Feather Colors for Ceremonies
  • Birthday Feather Ceremony
  • Corn Ceremony-Lesson of Sharing
  • Feather Ceremony-The Four Ways
  • Flag Raising Ceremony
  • Peace Pipe Ceremony
  • Smudging Ceremony
  • Six Aims Patch Award Ceremony
  • Torch Parade Ceremony
  • Totem Pole for Ceremonial Use
  • Tribal Chartering Ceremony and Tribal Charter Certificate
  • V – Devotions, Inspirational, and Services

    This collection of devotions, inspirational pieces, and some services can be used in many settings, such as a sunrise service, prayers at mealtimes, closing of the day, at the opening or closing of a meeting, or anywhere that a devotion is desired.

  • Devotions, Inspirational, and Services
  • VI – Legends and Stories

    This collection of legends and stories are generally based on the Native American Indian theme. Some are just legends or stories with entertainment value, while others are legends or stories handed down though Native American ancestry.

  • Legends and Stories